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Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy is a safe, effective and non-surgical way to treat severe chronic neck pain, chronic low back pain failed back surgery, bulging or herniated disc, leg pain or numbness and sciatica, and arm pain and numbness.

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The program consists of FDA-registered non-surgical spinal decompression equipment focusing on disc and arthritic conditions affecting the spine.

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The treatment starts with the patient fully clothed and is put into a specialized harness. At no time is the treatment uncomfortable or painful. While in a relaxed state the spinal decompression machine stretches, distracts and decompresses the disc.

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Success Rates

Spinal decompression studies indicate between a 71%-90% success rate with one study reporting an immediate resolution of symptoms in 86% of cases.

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About Spinal Decompression

A safe, effective non-surgical way to treat severe chronic neck and lower back pain..

The Symptoms

Severe chronic neck and lower back pain, herniations, leg pain, arm pain, numbness, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, spinal stenosis and failed back surgery.
Spinal Decompression Therapy

The Diagnosis

The diagnosis is derived from a well obtained history including past medical, diagnostic and treatment records, followed by comprehensive examination including orthopedic test and neurological examinations. X-rays and MRI’s of the effective area. Work history and lifestyle history is also taken in consideration. After a diagnosis is made you may qualify for Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.

The Treatment

The spinal decompression treatment will last 15-20 minutes. The treatment may also include cold laser therapy, physiotherapy, and an exercise program. This is a treatment plan for long term recovery. The DTS Spinal Decompression therapy system with our highly trained staff with your hard work and determination is your best solution available to improve your condition and live the life you deserve.

The Recovery

92% patients report overall improvement; of these, 5% improved 25-50%; 17% improved 50-75%; 70% improved 75-100%.

Treatment Testimonials

Neurologists like myself have long known that we should do everything possible to help our patients avoid back surgery. Now with Spinal decompression Therapy we finally have a very effective way to treat back pain without surgery. The vast majority of even our worst cases experience significant, long-lasting relief if they complete the entire treatment regimen. Anyone who says this is experimental doesn't know what they're talking about."

Dr. Orlando Maldonado


There is a place for surgery, but definitely not at the front line. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy should be a front-line treatment for chronic back pain patients suffering from bulging, herniated, or degenerative disc disease, and facet syndrome. As a surgeon, I only want to do surgery when I absolutely have to. Spinal Decompression Therapy gives my patients a more conservative treatment option that can eliminate the need for surgery altogether, and that's a very good thing. Spinal Decompression Therapy also gives me a treatment option for those patients who have had surgery and have a relapse or experience a return of pain following surgery. It allows me to offer patients a key, non-surgical weapon in the war on back pain."

Dr. Bernard Zeliger

Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon

As an interventional pain physician, I feel that Spinal Decompression Therapy has filled a void in our continuum of treatment for those patients suffering from back and neck pain associated with disc pathology. The majority of the other procedure I perform, such as injections and nerve blocks, treat the pain due to tissue and nerve irritation, which only reduce the patients' pain. My enthusiasm for Spinal decompression Therapy stems from the fact that it it the only therapy that scientifically attempts to heal and "rejuvenate" the discs. My personal experience with this non-invasive therapy is that qualified patients will show improvement within the first few treatments."

Dr. Juan J. Gargiulo


We have treated thousands of patients who have experienced long term, pain free healing because of decompression therapy. With non-surgical decompression we offer real modification of the patient's disc disease processes and rehabilitation of the neuropathic and mechanical symptoms, rather than just offering palliative care. I use it for myself and it is worth its weight in gold."

Dr. Phil Fisher


Meet The Doctor

Dr Young

Dr. Anthony Young

D.C., Q.M.E.

Serving over 18,000 patients in the past 26 years, Dr. Young has become one of the highest respected doctors in the Inland Empire. Acting as Medical Director of Temeku Chiropractic Orthopedic Medical Group, he has consulted chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons.

How Spinal Decompression Can Help